XRX Pioneer Club of Rochester, Inc.
A not-for-profit organization
(A social organization for seniors [age 50 and older] with an association to Xerox
and/or affiliate companies.) 


You spent years within the company helping it grow, making new friends and representing the company within your community.  When you retire, your relationship with the company doesn't have to end.  

Throughout your career you  formed friendships with others who share a common history.  The Pioneer Club is a way for you to keep in touch with many of your friends and colleagues through numerous social, intellectual and physical activities.  The Pioneer Club is run and organized by active retiree volunteers.   Who We Are  (Click to open)

Please join the club and help this organization  realize its fullest potential.  Click 2016 Membership Application to join.

Please check our Newsletter for recent information on any activity or event.

All members are welcome to attend club activities, monthly luncheons and trips.  Other activities include bowlinggolf  and a singles group. 


Picture Excerpt from the XeroxWorld April 1976.pdf 

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